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United States of America

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Donovan Cook


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The animated series 2 Stupid Dogs tells the misadventures of The Big Dog and The Little Dog, two creatures who aren’t very bright. While The Little Dog is very much afraid of cats, The Big Dog is obsessed with food. If you’re a fan of jazz music, you’ll love the soundtrack of this series. As for the style, it very much reminds of the early Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

Who are the main characters of 2 Stupid Dogs?

2 Stupid Dogs: The titular dogs, they are best friends who are always getting into trouble.
Big Dog: The larger and more muscular of the two dogs, he is the leader and often gets them into trouble.
Little Dog: The smaller and more timid of the two dogs, he is often the voice of reason.
The Red Guy: A fox who is the dogs' arch-nemesis, he is cunning and devious.
Buffalo Bob: The owner of the dogs, he is a kind and gentle man.
Spot: The family cat, she is sassy and aloof.
Super Squirrel: A heroic squirrel who is always saving the day.
Crazy Frog: A frog who is always up to no good.
The Three Little Pigs: A trio of pigs who are always getting into trouble.
Baby Bear: A young bear who is always getting into trouble.
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