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All you need to know about

64 Zoo Lane

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Country of origin

United Kingdom and France

Creation year



An Vrombaut


Lucy lives next to a Zoo, how cool is that! Every night, Lucy slides down from her bedroom window on the neck of Georgina the Giraffe to go to the zoo and meet the animals. One by one, the animals tell Lucy about their life and the problems they face in the wild. The aim of the show is educational, and it strongly promotes friendship, responsibility, empathy and good morals. When the story is finished, Georgina takes Lucy back to bed through the window.

Who are the main characters of 64 Zoo Lane?

Lucy: A 7-year-old human girl who lives next door to a zoo.
Georgina: A giraffe with blue spots who tells Lucy a story each night.
Nelson: An elephant who is friends with Georgina.
Tickles and Giggles: Two monkeys who are known for their practical jokes.
Boris: A bear who is friends with Lucy.
Molly: A hippopotamus who is friends with Georgina.
Nathalie: An antelope who loves to dance.
Audrey: An ostrich who is wise and often gives advice to the other animals.
Reginald: A lion whose naps are often disturbed.
The Snip Snip Bird: A green bird who lives at the top of the mountain.

Production studio: Millimages

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