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Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis



6Teen is an animated sitcom for preteens and teenagers. The series almost entirely takes place in an enormous shopping mall, The Galleria. Heroes of the series are six 16-year-old friends who spend a lot of their free time in the mall. Some of them also work in the mall on their first part-time jobs. Focus of 6Teens are the problems most teenagers have : first crushes, first jobs, first taste of freedom and all the mistakes that come with it.

Who are the main characters of 6Teen?

Jonesy Garcia: A teenage boy who works at the mall. He is charming, flirtatious and laid-back.
Jen Masterson: An athletic teenage girl who works at the mall. She is responsible and level-headed.
Caitlin Cooke: A spoiled teenage girl who loves shopping. She is vain and materialistic.
Nikki Wong: A teenage girl who works at the mall. She is eccentric and quirky.
Wyatt Williams: A teenage boy who works at the mall. He is dim-witted and good-natured.
Jude Lizowski: An easy-going teenage boy who works at the mall and enjoys extreme sports. He is lazy and slacker-like.
Mr. Leonard: The manager of the mall. He is strict and often unfair.
Mrs. Wong: Nikki's mother. She is over-protective and has a thick accent.
Coach Halder: The boys' soccer coach. He is tough and unforgiving.
Tricia: A teenage girl who is rude and stuck-up.

Production studio: Mercury Filmworks

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