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A Bug’s Life

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Pixar Animation Studios



The setting of the animated movie “A Bug’s Life” is Ant Island, which is a colony of ants. The ants are being bullied by a gang of grasshoppers. The would-be inventor ant, Flik, wants to save the ant colony from the grasshoppers with the help of “tough warriors”. Unfortunately, the only help he’s able to find is a group of bugs that turn out to be a circus troupe.

Who are the main characters of A Bug's Life?

Hopper: The main antagonist of the film, he is a large and intimidating grasshopper who terrorizes the ants.
Flik: The main protagonist of the film, he is an inventive ant who dreams of making a difference.
Dot: Flik's best friend and confidante, she is a small and sweet ant who is always there for him.
Princess Atta: The eldest daughter of the Queen and the future leader of the colony, she is a responsible and level-headed ant.
Queen: The leader of the ant colony, she is a kind and wise ruler.
Heimlich: A large, hungry caterpillar with a german accent. He's a clown in the circus.
Slim: He's a walking stick who performs in the circus as a clown.
Manny: An old praying mantis. He's a magician in the circus.
Gypsy: She is a colorful gypsy moth. She works as an assistant in the circus.
Rosie: She is a black widow spider. She tames Dim, the rhinoceros beetle in the circus.

Production studio: Disney Pixar

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