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Country of origin

United Kingdom

Creation year



Dinamo Productions


The Abadas are colourful little animals: a bat, a fox and a hippo, who live inside a pop-up book in a busy corner of Ben’s bedroom. Whenever Ben pulls his beloved book from under his bed and opens it up, the three friends come alive and a new adventures begins for them where they must try and find a new and exciting word, following Ben’s clues. Luckily, the Abadas are the most curious, adventurous and funniest pop-up book animals you will ever meet. When their world comes alive, no adventure is too big for them. Young viewers are challenged to search for the new words as well. Will the Abadas manage to guess what the word looks like and what it’s actually used for?

Who are the main characters of Abadas?

Ben: A human boy, the owner of the pop-up book that houses the Abadas.
Seren: A female, purple bat.
Hari: A male, blue hippopotamus
Ela: A female, brown fox.

Production studio: Kavaleer Productions

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