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The main character of Aggretsuko is Retsuko, a 25-year old and single anthropomorphic red panda, who works in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm. Unfortunately, Retsuko faces daily frustration from her pushy superiors and annoying colleagues. Retsuko lets out her emotions and frustration by going to a karaoke bar every night and singing death metal. After five years of working under the same circumstances, Retsuko’s goes through a series of events that puts her job in danger. This forces her to shift her relationships with her colleagues and ends up changing her life in unexpected ways. She gets married to escape work.

Who are the main characters of Aggretsuko?

Retsuko: A 25-year-old red panda who works in an accounting department of a trading company. She is meek and unassuming, but also has a fiery temper that she unleashes through death metal karaoke.
Ton: Retsuko's boss, a middle-aged toucan who is the epitome of a "sleazy boss". He is often making lecherous comments and advances towards Retsuko, which she put up with because she needs the job.
Haida: A hipster gorilla who works in the marketing department and is one of Retsuko's only friends at work. He is laid-back and easygoing, and is always trying to get Retsuko to let loose and have fun.
Washimi: A fashionable fox who works in the HR department. She is a perfectionist who is always striving for success, and is quick to judge and criticize others.
Gori: The president of the company, a gorilla who is often seen golfing or attending lavish parties. He is out of touch with the realities of working life, and only cares about making money.
Fenneko: Retsuko's friend and co-worker, a Fennec fox who is always glued to her phone. She is a gossip and a rumormonger, but is also very sweet and caring.
Kabae: Retsuko's friend and co-worker, a southern red-bellied lemur. She is a no-nonsense type of person, and is always giving practical advice.
Tsunoda: Retsuko's friend and co-worker, a red panda. He is a positive and optimistic person, who is always trying to make the best of any situation.
Inui: Retsuko's friend and co-worker, a red-eyed tree frog. He is a conspiracy theorist, and is always spouting off about the latest conspiracy theory he's heard.
Matsuo: Retsuko's friend and co-worker, a brown bear. He is a lazy and slovenly person, who is always looking for the easy way out.
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