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All you need to know about

Archibald the Koala

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Country of origin

United States and France

Creation year



Paul Cox



On the secluded island of Rastepappe only live anthropomorphic badgers and koalas, of which Archibald is the most famous one. Many strange things occur on the island, like mysterious disappearances or strange happenings. The stressed mayor of Rastepappe only trusts one koala to solve all the mysteries on the island: Archibald the detective. Have no fear, Archibald is here!

Who are the main characters of Archibald the Koala?

Archibald: The leader of the koalas, he is wise and level-headed.
Bertha: The mother of the koalas, she is loving and nurturing.
Cyril: The father of the koalas, he is wise and protective.
Desmond: A trouble-making koala who causes chaos wherever he goes.
Ernest: A grumpy koala who is always complaining.
Flora: A sweet and caring koala who is always helping others.
Graham: A shy and reserved koala who is the smartest of the group.
Harold: A koala who is always hungry and loves to eat.
Nigel: A koala who is always sleepy and loves to take naps.
Sydney: The youngest of the koalas, he is sweet and naïve.
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