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United States

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Tony Hale


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This animated series puts the spotlight on happy-go-lucky chicken Archibald Strutter. He lives a completely care-free life and is quite scatterbrained! He constantly forgets to do his chores and keeps wandering off to strange places. Life is one big adventure to him and the weirdest things keep happening to him. But led by his spontaneity, Archibald manages to live in the moment and he encourages all his friends to do the same thing.

Who are the main characters of Archibald's Next Big Thing?

Archibald Strutter: A positive chicken who often goes astray from home, but eventually always finds his way back home.
Sage: Archibald's older brother who enjoys the outdoors
Loy: Archibald's sister who likes inventing things and doing science
Finly: Archibald's brother who likes singing, dancing and art
Be: Archibald's best friend and sidekick
Murph: A recurring character
Cheryl: A recurring character
Officer Jones: A recurring character
Wendi Powers: A reporter
Preston: A bird who works various jobs

Production studio: DreamWorks Animation

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