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Atomic Betty

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Country of origin

Canada and France

Creation year



Trevor Bentley, Mauro Casalese, Rob Davies and Olaf Miller



12-year-old Betty Barrett lives a secret double life as as member of the Galactic Guardians, an elite-team of crime-fighters against interstellar villains. She is a superstar for all the inhabitants of the galaxy. Whenever her wristwatch starts to beep, she knows there is some trouble in the galaxy and she transforms into Atomic Betty.

Who are the main characters of Atomic Betty?

Atomic Betty: A young girl who leads a double life as a superheroine. She is brave and determined.
Sparky: Betty's best friend and sidekick. He is loyal and always ready for adventure.
Maximus I.Q.: Betty's brainy alien friend. He is intelligent and resourceful.
Admiral DeGill: Betty's boss and leader of the Galactic Guardians. He is serious and no-nonsense.
Penelope: Betty's spoiled and vain enemy. She is superficial and self-centered.
Xenon: Betty's other enemy. He is a powerful alien warlord.
Regeena: Betty's friend and fellow Galactic Guardian. She is tough and fearless.
Noah: Betty's friend and fellow Galactic Guardian. He is cool and collected.
Betty's Mom: Betty's loving and supportive mother.
Betty's Dad: Betty's loving and supportive father.

Production studio: Atomic Cartoons

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Atomic Betty videos on Youtube

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Atomic Betty Theme Song

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