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Babar the Elephant

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Country of origin


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Jean de Brunhoff



Babar the Elephant is based on a bedtime story that Jean de Brunhoff’s wife invented. It’s about a young elephant named Babar, whose mother is killed by a hunter. Babar manages to escape and finds himself in a big city after leaving the jungle. When he returns to the elephant herd after a while, he decides to bring them the benefits of civilisation. Upon his return, the elephant king dies from eating a poisonous mushroom. Babar is subsequently appointed king of the elephant kingdom, because of his travel experiences and good manners. He gets married to his cousin and together they teach their four children valuable life lessons.

Who are the main characters of Babar the Elephant?

Babar: The elephant King of the Celesteville, he is kind and courageous.
Celeste: Babar's wife and queen of the Celesteville, she is beautiful and wise.
Flora: Babar's daughter, she is sweet and curious.
Alexander: Babar's son, he is mischievous and playful.
Pom: Babar's oldest son, the heir apparent of the kingdom.
Zephir: Babar's best friend, a loyal and brave monkey.
Lord Rataxes: The rhinoceros king of the Rhinoland, he is pompous and arrogant.
Lady Rataxes: Rataxes' wife and queen of the Rhinoland, she is kinder than her husband.
Victor: Rataxes' son, he is mischievous and playful.
Cornelius: Babar's advisor, he is wise and discreet. He's the wisest elephant in Celesteville.

Production studio: Nelvana Enterprises

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