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United States

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Steve Oedekerk



The series is a spin off of the hilarious movie “Barnyard: The Original Party Animals”. In this sequel, Otis and his gang of farm animals are still up to some crazy tricks to hide their anthropomorphism from humans. They have all sorts of (mis)adventures on and around the farm. Otis is still in charge of running the barn, but spends most of his time dealing with the crazy antics of his fellow farm friends.

Who are the main characters of Back at the Barnyard?

Otis: a cow who is the leader of the group of animals on the farm. He is good-natured and optimistic, but also tends to be gullible and not very bright.
Abby: a female cow who is Otis' best friend. She is level-headed and often acts as the voice of reason, but can also be just as gullible as Otis.
Pip: a mouse who is Otis' best friend. He is the smartest of the group and is often the one to come up with the group's plans.
Noreen "Nora" Beady: a human woman who is the wife of Farmer Buyer and the mother of Nathaniel Randall "Nathan" Beady III. She is a paranoid conspiracy theorist who is always trying to expose the animals' anthropomorphism.
Farmer Buyer: a human man who is the husband of Nora Beady and the father of Nathaniel Randall "Nathan" Beady III. He is the owner of the farm where the animals live.
Eugene "Snotty Boy" Goldner: a human boy who is the son of Mrs. Goldner and the nephew of Mrs. Beady. He is a spoiled brat who loves to torment the animals.
Nathaniel Randall "Nathan" Beady III: a human boy who is the son of Farmer Buyer and Nora Beady. He is a nerd who is often bullied by Snotty Boy.
Pig: a pig who is one of Otis' friends. He is a gluttonous slob who loves to eat, but is also very cowardly.
Freddy: a ferret who is one of Otis' friends. He is a vain ladies' man who is always trying to impress the female animals.
Peck: a rooster who is one of Otis' friends. He is a paranoid hypochondriac who is always getting sick or injured.
Duke: a German shepherd who is one of Otis' friends. He is a loyal and protective dog who is always ready to defend his friends.
Bessy: a cow who is one of Otis' friends. She is a tough and tomboyish cow who loves to play sports.

Production studio: Go For Launch Productions

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