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Antoni D’Ocon



“Basket Fever” is a 2003 Spanish animated series based on and co-produced by the Liga ACB basketball league and produced by D’Ocon Films.

The series follows the adventures of two rival basketball gangs, the Hawks and the Dynamics. “Basket Fever” is set in one of the poorer districts of the fictional big metropolis called Dog City.

The Hawks are a group of antisocial hooligans who want to control the neighborhood. The Dynamics fight to guarantee themselves at least a small part of the district where they can live in peace.

At some point a new neighbor called Hooper has just moved in. The Hawks want to throw this strange ‘foreigner’ out, because he’s not like them. The Dynamics on the other hand, see Hooper as a special character like a symbol of freedom and decide to stick by him.

Who are the main characters of Basket Fever?

Hooper: a stubborn, daring and disobedient player with an outgoing, natural and dynamic personality. He's a born leader and is the pivot of the basketball team. His specialty is the long shot.
Mike: this good looking type is the physical leader of the Dynamics. He wants to become a professional basketball player. He plays as a winger and is very skilled at dribbling.
Linda: this lovely lady is the fullback of the Dynamics team. She's elegant and vain, romantic and idealistic. She dreams of love.
Dog: the team's coach is an ex-military, which is very clear when he coaches the Dynamics.
Charlie: he's the leader of the Dynamics' rival team, the Hawks. He's strong and clever, and dominates all aspects of the game. He goes out with Barbara, but secretly likes Linda.
Barbara: she's cheeky and unsophisticated, and takes advantage of being a female when committing fouls.

Production studio: D'Ocon Films

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