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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Bob Kane and Bill Finger

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When he was just of young boy of eight, Bruce Wayne, the son of billionaire philanthropists, was a witness to the brutal murder of his parents, during a mugging on the street, which left him traumatised and mentally scarred for the rest of his life. Now an orphan, Bruce was cared for by Alfred Pennyworth, the family’s butler. Growing up, Bruce was able to transform the childhood pain and trauma into a burning fuel for a lifelong obsession, as he underwent rigorous training in mental and physical conditioning, the martial arts, criminology, sciences, manhunting, forensics, detective work, interrogation methods and intimidation. Witnessing the rampant crime and corruption across Gotham City, Bruce chose to deal with this situation by putting his years of training to good use. He therefore swore an oath to dedicate his life to fighting crime, and to try to avenge the murder of his parents. He wanted to use his pain and suffering for a good cause, while being guided by his self-enforced moral code to never kill and to never use firearms. Bruce took the alias of The Batman, a feared, near-mythical and bat-masked vigilante.
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