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Becca’s Bunch

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Country of origin

United Kingdom

Creation year



Chris Dicker and Conor Finnegan


Becca and her bunch of friends live in Wagtail Woods, where everyday seems to bring a new adventure. Becca will always dive in head first, which often leads to tricky situations. But with her positive attitude and the help of her friends, everything always turns out just fine!

Who are the main characters of Becca's Bunch?

Becca: The main character, she's a kind, optimistic and adventurous little bird. She plays the guitar.
Russell: He's a squirrel and a member of the bunch. He beats the drums.
Pedro: This scared little worm is also a member of Becca's bunch. He plays the tambourine.
Sylvia: She is a smart little fox. She plays the keyboard and always carries around things that the bunch could use on their adventures.
Benny and Shelly: Becca's baby brother and sister. They haven't fully hatched yet, only their legs are sticking out of the eggs.
Ringo: Becca's friend, a turtle who drives a bus.
Casper and Jasper: Two hare brothers, who are rivals of Becca's bunch.
Moms: Becca's mother.
Pops: Becca's father.
Mayor Ladymaus: The mayor of Wagtail Woods. An opossum.

Production studio: Factory

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