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United States of America

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Natasha Allegri


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Bee is young woman in her twenties who keeps on getting fired from her low-paid jobs. One day, on her way back from a disastrous job interview, PuppyCat, a strange, mysterious creature, falls from the sky. When PuppyCat sees that Bee is broke and unemployed, he teleports himself and Bee to an alternate dimension where they are given a job by TempBot, a gigantic, intelligent television screen. PuppyCat’s past is very vague and shrouded in mystery. There are hints that he may be a space outlaw who was transformed by the Space King, who was angry over PuppyCat’s romance with his daughter. Bee is in love with her friend Deckard, a talented chef who seems to like Bee as well, but finds romance incompatible with his wish to pursue a cooking career.
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