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Ian James Corlett

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12-year-old Ian Kelley is an aspiring filmmaker and never goes anywhere without his camera. His boundless imagination always brings him new ideas for his next big shot. As the star of his own show, Ian constantly tries to direct the world around him, to his parents’ frustration! Luckily Ian’s best friend Ty is always up for a new filming adventure.

Who are the main characters of Being Ian?

Ian: The main character of the show, he is an aspiring filmmaker who is often frustrated by the lack of cooperation from his friends and family.
Karen: Ian's older sister, she is a smart and successful student who is often annoyed by her brother's antics.
Grandpa: Ian's grandfather, he is a retired police officer who is often grumpy and impatient.
Uncle Stew: Ian's uncle, he is a laid-back hippie who is often bemused by his nephew's shenanigans.
Mr. Jones: Ian's next-door neighbor, he is a friendly man who is often the unwitting victim of Ian's schemes.
Mrs. Nguyen: Ian's other next-door neighbor, she is a kind woman who is often the target of Ian's pranks.
Angus: Ian's best friend, he is a loyal and supportive friend who is often the voice of reason.
Stacy: Ian's other best friend, she is a creative and imaginative girl who is often the source of Ian's film ideas.
Ms. Robinson: Ian's film teacher, she is a supportive and encouraging teacher who is often amused by her student's antics

Production studio: Studio B Productions

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