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Big Block SingSong

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Warren Brown and Adam Goddard



Big Block SingSong is a collaboration between visual artist Warren Brown and composer Adam Goddard and it is aimed at preschoolers. Each episode stars a different kind of rectangle with a distinct feature and personality, who sings directly to the young audience. The blocks could sing about anything, something funny, something sad, something interesting, something more serious like bullying,… The musical element instantly creates a connection with young children, who can engage and sing along. The colorful and funny characters will surely make your children laugh.

Who are the main characters of Big Block SingSong?

Big Block: A giant block who loves to sing and dance, he is friendly and outgoing.
Small Block: A small block who is always eager to please, he is sweet and naïve.
Blue Block: A blue block who is calm and collected, he is often the voice of reason.
Yellow Block: A yellow block who is full of energy, she is beautiful and competitive.
Green Block: A green block who is shy and reserved, she is the smartest of the group.
Red Block: A red block who is always up for a cuddle, she is sweet and caring.
Purple Block: A purple block who loves to have fun, she is mischievous and charming.
Orange Block: A orange block who is full of life, he is the youngest of the group.
Brown Block: A brown block who is always up for a game, he is the leader of the group.
Gray Block: A gray block who is always ready to lend a helping hand, he is kind and patient.

Production studio: Goddard/Brown

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