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Big Tree City

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Country of origin

Great-Britain and USA

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When the telephone rings at Big Tree City Rescue, Major Prickles and his team of animal heroes answer the call. The can-do team has special skills and speedy vehicles to solve the trickiest situation. The team consists of tech whiz Tricks, firefighter Flame, engineer Pecky, medical pro Kit, detective Stripe and plumbing ace Splash. Together, the overzealous heroes can tackle any problem. And when Plan A doesn’t go as planned and makes the problem worse, there’s always a Plan B! Big Tree City is a great kids show that focuses on the importance of team work, safety and problem solving skills. With its bright colours and lovable characters, Big Tree City will appeal to young primary school aged children.

Who are the main characters of Big Tree City?

Major Prickles: He's a lion and the head of an overzealous team, that tries to save the citizens of Big Tree City.
Tricks: He's a purple beaver, who's a real tech wiz.
Flame: He's the firefighter of the team, a large blue bear.
Pecky: She's a little chick, who wears a yellow security helmet. She's the team's engineer.
Kit: He's a fox, the medical pro of the team.
Splash: A member of the team, he's a green frog. He's a plumbing ace.
Stripes: He's a red bear, and acts as the detective of the team.
Mr. Pig: A very clumsy pig who's accident prone. Tricks invents a supersuit for him to protect his body.

Production studio: Blue Zoo Animation Studio

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