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Edmund Chan, Raye Lee and ahLoong


“Bola Kampung” is a Malaysian animated series that revolves around the adventures of a group of young soccer enthusiasts living in a village. The show combines elements of sports, friendship, and teamwork, creating an engaging storyline for both children and families.

The central character of the series is Iwan, a young boy with a deep passion for soccer and a strong desire to improve his skills. He assembles a diverse team of friends, each with their own unique abilities and personalities, to form a soccer team named “Bola Kampung.” The team members come from various backgrounds and possess different strengths, which they use to overcome challenges on and off the soccer field.

Set in a charming village, the series follows the adventures of the Bola Kampung team as they train, play matches, and navigate the ups and downs of friendship. Throughout the show, the characters learn valuable life lessons such as the importance of perseverance, teamwork, and believing in oneself. The series also touches on themes of community, sportsmanship, and the joy of playing soccer.

“Bola Kampung” is known for its colorful animation, relatable characters, and heartwarming stories. It captures the spirit of camaraderie and the excitement of sports, making it a popular choice among young audiences in Malaysia and beyond. The series encourages viewers to pursue their passions, work together, and embrace the values of friendship and determination.

The series is known as “Football Kids” on the international market.

Who are the main characters of Bola Kampung?

Iwan: the protagonist of the series, Iwan is a determined and passionate young boy who loves playing soccer. He forms and leads the Bola Kampung team, working hard to improve his skills and inspire his friends.
Azizul: Iwan's best friend and a loyal member of the Bola Kampung team. Azizul is known for his quick thinking and problem-solving abilities, which often come in handy during matches and challenges. He plays left-wing.
Fauzi: he has very good fine technique and plays as a midfielder.
Sabok: a good friend of Iwan on the team. He plays right-winger and is very good at free kicks.
Kumar: he's a good striker, but he's very unsure of himself.
Santokh: also a great striker, but he's too full of himself to be a good team player.
Szeto: the best goalkeeper around.
Ah Hock: Santokh's best friend. An average striker.
Amad and Amid: twins who both play defense.
Iskandar: a striker on the team.

Production studio: Animasia Animation Studios

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