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Planeta Junior



“Bubble Bip” is a 52 x 7 minute Spanish CGI-animated series for kids aged 4 to 7. It follows a wacky videogame hero who’s tired of chasing bad guys around and discovers a door to the real world, where he befriends a group of children and leads them on crazy adventures in this strange, new world.

The show’s objective is to demonstrate to its young audience that embracing different perspectives from the norm is perfectly fine and that there’s no need to fear making initial mistakes.

Who are the main characters of Bubble Bip?

Bip: a little blue alien who escapes from his video game into the real world.
Lena: a little girl with blonde hair. She easily gets frustrated when things don't go her way.
Marc: one of Bip's friends. A young boy with brown hair.
Mia: a cheeky little girl with red hair and freckles on her face.
Nil: a feisty little ninja.

Production studio: Toonz Entertainment

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