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Brian Chong, Walid Omar and Lorna Henderson


In a futuristic world on the verge of collapse, Buck the beetle and Buddy the stick insect are a pair of best friends who struggle to survive. Where food is scarce and resources are poor, they need to do whatever it takes fo find food and shelter. They quickly learn that in order to win the battle of the fittest, they must live and work together. Buck + Buddy is a fast-paced and funny animated show that lays bare the challenges of the future.

Who are the main characters of Buck + Buddy?

Buck: A young buck who is the main character of the show. He is best friends with Buddy.
Buddy: A young buck who is best friends with Buck. He is the main character of the show.
Brian: The creator of the show.
Walid: A writer for the show.
Lorna: A producer for the show.
Gavin: The voice of Buddy.
Omar: A writer for the show.
Yap: A writer for the show.
Henderson: A writer for the show.
Critter: A writer for the show.
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