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Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny

Unofficial Bugs Bunny cartoon wiki page

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All you need to know about

Bugs Bunny

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Leon Schlesinger Productions



Bugs Bunny is surely the most famous rabbit in the world ! This funny anthropomorphic character with his flippant character and Brooklyn accent makes everyone laugh. Bugs Bunny is bullied by a lot of antagonists, but generally comes out a winner. And who doesn’t know his catch phrase “Eh…What’s up, doc?”

Who are the main characters of Bugs Bunny?

Bugs Bunny: The main character of the show, he is a mischievous and clever rabbit.
Daffy Duck: Bugs' best friend and rival, he is a loud and obnoxious duck.
Porky Pig: Daffy's best friend and fellow Warner Bros. character, he is a shy and timid pig.
Elmer Fudd: A hunter who is often after Bugs, he is clumsy and easily outwitted.
Yosemite Sam: A hot-tempered cowboy who is also often after Bugs, he is short and fiery.
Foghorn Leghorn: A large and boisterous rooster, he is often at odds with Barnyard Dawg.
Speedy Gonzales: The fastest mouse in all of Mexico, he is also very proud and sometimes reckless.
Marvin the Martian: A small green Martian who is often trying to destroy Earth, he is intelligent but also very short-tempered.
Pepé Le Pew: A romantic skunk who is always on the lookout for a potential mate, he is often oblivious to the fact that he is not well-liked by others.
Tweety Bird: A small yellow bird who is often the target of Sylvester's hunger, he is very innocent and naïve.

Production studio: Warner Bros Animation

The information provided on this page about Bugs Bunny isn’t endorsed by the creators or the production. It has been compiled by fans of the character(s) who want to share their passion. Feel free to share it if you also love this cartoon!

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