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United States of America

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Butch Hartman


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The hero of this animated series is a blue monster named Bunsen, who is the first beast to attend Muckledunk Middle School, which only allowed humans before . Mikey Munroe, his best human friend, helps Bunsen to navigate through school life, as he feels the pressure to prove that monsters can coexist peacefully with humans instead of eating them ! Bunsen must learn how to complete human tasks and discovers human traditions. Mikey also learns more about the monster world, and gets to meet new creatures when he visits Bunsen’s home. However, a girl named Amanda Killman believes Bunsen is dangerous and wants to destroy him and all other monsters. Bunsen and Mikey must outsmart Amanda when she comes up with a new evil plan.

Who are the main characters of Bunsen is a Beast?

Bunsen: A small, blue, furry creature who is the titular character of the show. He is friendly, curious, and always up for an adventure.
Mikey: Bunsen's best friend and roommate. A small, orange, furry creature who is always eager to help Bunsen, even if it means getting into trouble.
Amanda: Bunsen and Mikey's human friend. She is a bright, bubbly girl who is always enthusiastic about her latest project.
Mr. Honey: Bunsen and Mikey's human landlord. He is a grumpy old man who is often annoyed by Bunsen's antics.
Beaker: Bunsen's laboratory assistant. A small, green, furry creature who is often the victim of Bunsen's experiments.
Animal: The drummer of Bunsen and Mikey's band. A small, purple, furry creature who is always up for a jam session.
Moth: Bunsen's pet. A small, white, furry creature who is often scared of Bunsen's experiments.
Doctor: Bunsen's doctor. A small, blue, furry creature who is always ready to help Bunsen with his latest

Production studio: Nickelodeon Animation Studios

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