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Country of origin

South Korea

Creation year



Tuban Animation Studio


This stop-motion animation follows the adventures of Wingcle, a bear who roasts coffee at Cafe Wingcle. As soon as the little bear starts brewing fresh coffee, a lovely smell fills the air and attracts many friends. Wingcle might not be the best coffee brewer in town, but he’s willing to learn. He’s been learning how to bake recently as well.

Who are the main characters of Cafe Wingcle?

Wingcle: The owner of the café and the main character. He is a hard worker and takes pride in his café. He is an expert at roasting coffee.
Bagel: He is a pig that runs an organic mart which sells meat, detergent and also coffee. Bagel is very busy selling goods and making deliveries.
Muffin: This female penguin is learning to roast coffee beans from Wingcle. She is interested in a lot of things and wants to try out new stuff.
Latte: A male dog who travels a lot and who brings souvenirs and shares his adventures in Cafe Wingcle.
Macaron: She is a cat who writes mystery and thriller novels. She loves to work on her laptop at Cafe Wingcle.
Panini: This lamb is a movie star. He sometimes forgets to take his costumes off when leaving a movie set.
Customer 2: A regular customer at the café. She is a friendly and polite woman.
The Cat: The café's pet. He is

Production studio: TUBAn

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