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Country of origin

Italy and Japan

Creation year



Nino Pagot, Toni Pagot and Ignazio Colnaghi



“Calimero” is a popular animated series that originated in Italy in 1963, followed by a Japanese anime version in the 1970’s. The series features the adventures of Calimero, a young black chicken with a distinctive eggshell hat, and his friends in the town of Belladagio.

The animation style of “Calimero” is colorful and charming, with the characters’ movements and expressions exaggerated for comedic effect. The series is geared towards a younger audience, with each episode lasting only a few minutes and featuring simple storylines.

The main character, Calimero, is depicted as an optimistic and curious young chicken who often finds himself in comical situations. He is accompanied by his friends, including his girlfriend Priscilla and his best friend Valeriano.

One of the unique aspects of “Calimero” is the character’s eggshell hat, which is a constant part of his appearance. The hat is often used in the show’s storylines, such as when Calimero uses it as a boat or as a hiding spot.

Another notable aspect of the series is its themes of friendship and perseverance. Calimero and his friends often work together to overcome obstacles and help each other in times of need. The series also emphasizes the importance of staying positive and never giving up, even in the face of adversity.

“Calimero” has been adapted into multiple formats over the years, including a comic book series and a 3D animated reboot in 1992 and 2014, sometimes introducing new characters. The character has also been featured in merchandise such as toys and clothing.

Who are the main characters of Calimero?

Calimero: A young black chicken who loves playing, going to school and spending time with Priscilla.
Priscilla: A little bird who is Calimero's girlfriend. She is very pretty and courageous.
Piero: This duck is one of Calimero's best friends. His family is very rich. Piero often gets into trouble.
Valeriano: A little green bird who loves action and adventure. He's always looking for the next thrill.
Gallettoni: Calimero's dad.
Cesira: Calimero's mum.
Ambrogio Paperazzi: Piero's father, the owner of Paperazzi department store and Paperazzi ice cream factory.

Production studio: TeamTo

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