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Country of origin

United States of America

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Disney Pixar Animation Studio



En route to California to race against The King and Chick Hicks for the Piston Cup Championship, our hero Lightning McQueen becomes lost after rolling out of the trailer in a dilapidated little town called Radiator Springs. After a few days he gradually befriends the town’s residents, but most of all Sally, Doc Hudson and Mater. When the time comes for him to leave to California, the championship is no longer his top priority.

Who are the main characters of Cars?

Lightning McQueen: A hotshot racecar who is cocky and arrogant, but also kind and determined.
Mater: Lightning's best friend, a rusty tow truck who is loyal and helpful, but also somewhat gullible.
Sally: A beautiful Porsche who is Lightning's love interest, she is kind and patient, but can also be tough and independent.
Doc Hudson: A retired racecar who is Lightning's mentor, he is wise and experienced, but can also be grumpy and gruff.
Flo: A kind and helpful woman who runs the local gas station and keeps everyone in town supplied with gasoline.
Luigi: A friendly Italian who runs the local tire shop, he is always happy to help out Lightning and his friends.
Guido: Luigi's assistant, he is a small but mighty forklift who is always eager to work.
Fillmore: A hippie van who is always spouting off conspiracy theories, he is a bit of a kook, but he's also kind and well-meaning.
Sarge: A tough and gruff army Jeep who runs the local surplus store, he is a bit of a curmud
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