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Chacha Bhatija

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Chacha Bhatija is an Indian cartoon, that focuses on Uncle Chacha and his nephew Bhatija. Chacha is a comical character and is very strong, while Bhatija provides the brain to their adventures.

Who are the main characters of Chacha Bhatija?

Chacha: The titular character, he is a friendly and lovable ghost.
Bhatija: Chacha's nephew, he is brave and curious.
Mr. Jhambhatti: Chacha and Bhatija's human friend, he is kind and helpful.
Mrs. Jhambhatti: Mr. Jhambhatti's wife, she is also kind and helpful.
Inspector Dhamu: A local police inspector, he is diligent and often helps Chacha and Bhatija solve cases.
Commissioner: The head of the police force, he is serious and no-nonsense.
Dr. Jhatka: A mad scientist, he is often the cause of the problems that Chacha and Bhatija have to solve.
Gabbar Singh: A local goon, he is often the one behind Dr. Jhatka's schemes.
Sambha: Gabbar Singh's henchman, he is not very bright but is fiercely loyal.
Sooraj: A local boy who is friends with Chacha and Bhatija, he is brave and resourceful.
The information provided on this page about Chacha Bhatija isn’t endorsed by the creators or the production. It has been compiled by fans of the character(s) who want to share their passion. Feel free to share it if you also love this cartoon!

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