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Clang Invasion

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Country of origin

Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong

Creation year



Seng Choon Meng


After hearing a loud bang in their backyard, twins Daisy and Robin Harrison find a crashed spaceship in a tree! They meet three friendly alien robots: Rivet, Widgit and Socket, who are now unable to return to their home planet Clang. In order to communicate, the robots install a voice box on the collar of the children’s pet dog Sam. To repair their spaceship, they use all sorts of gadgets.

Who are the main characters of Clang Invasion?

Rivet: The captain of the spaceship, Rivet is a male robot and inventor that serves as a genius to the kids, offering them his inventions. He discovered information about Earth from its old commercial broadcasts into space.
Widgit: The spaceship's navigator and maintainer, Widgit is a female robot who performs poorly technologically compared to the other robots but sympathizes with living things. She can contact with any living thing after accidentally devouring one of Rivet's gadgets.
Socket: The spaceship's security officer, Socket is a simpler robot, unlike the others. As an old robot, his parts frequently fall off, with Rivet reattaching back socketā€™s parts. His head also acts as an object storage.
Robin Harrison: A 7-year-old human boy and Daisy's twin brother, Robin thinks the arrival of the robots in his background is the best thing in his life.
Daisy Harrison: A 7-year-old human girl and Robin's twin sister, Daisy isn't as wise as her age in contrast to him, despite believing the contrary.
Sam: The Harrisons' dog, Sam was given a voice box on his collar from the robots in order to speak. He is talkative.
Mr. Harrison: Robin and Daisy's father.
Mrs. Harrison: Robin and Daisy's mother.
Mrs. McGillicuddy: The Harrison's next-door neighbor.
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