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Clang Invasion

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Country of origin

Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong

Creation year



Seng Choon Meng

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After hearing a loud bang in their backyard, twins Daisy and Robin Harrison find a crashed spaceship in a tree! They meet three friendly alien robots: Rivet, Widgit and Socket, who are now unable to return to their home planet Clang. In order to communicate, the robots install a voice box on the collar of the children’s pet dog Sam. To repair their spaceship, they use all sorts of gadgets.

Who are the main characters of Clang Invasion?

Clang: The main antagonist of the series, he is a ruthless alien invader who will stop at nothing to conquer Earth.
Zorblat: Clang's right-hand man, he is a fierce and fearsome warrior.
Vlurp: A small, weak, and cowardly alien, he is often made fun of by Clang and Zorblat.
Gleep: A friendly and helpful alien, he is the one who helps the heroes of the series.
Bleep: Gleep's partner, he is also friendly and helpful.
Gloop: A greedy alien, he is always looking to make a quick buck.
Floof: A cute and cuddly alien, she is often used as bait to lure in victims.
Klang: A powerful and dangerous alien, he is Clang's brother and the secondary antagonist of the series.
Klang's Henchmen: A group of aliens who work for Klang, they are often used as cannon fodder.
The Earth Defense Force: A group of humans who are dedicated to protecting Earth from alien invaders, they are the heroes of the series.
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