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Cleo & Cuquin

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Country of origin

Spain and Mexico

Creation year



Victor M. Lopez


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Cleo and Cuquin are two children from a family of 6 siblings. They help their other brothers and sisters to solve any problems they encounter in their daily lives. At the end of every episode, Cleo uses the lesson that she has learned to decide about her future profession.

Who are the main characters of Cleo & Cuquin?

Cleo: The main character, she is a little girl who has a boundless imagination. She is mischievous and curious and she is the oldest of six siblings.
Cuquin: Cleo's brother, he is only one year old and the youngest of six. He is very energetic and never gets tired.
Tomato: Cleo and Cuquin's pet dog, he is very loyal and always ready to play with sticks. He loves to bury stuff.
Colitas: Cleo and Cuquin's 3 year old sister. she is a little girl who is sweet and who loves nature.
Pelusin: Cleo and Cuquin's 5 year old brother. He is a very creative child, the artist of the family.
Maripí: Cleo and Cuquin's 6 year old sister. She is a real drama queen and loves to be the centre of attention.
Teté: Cleo and Cuquin's 7 year old brother, who is quite a show-off. He loves to read books and share his wisdom.
Ghost: A white pet rabbit.

Production studio: Ánima Estudios

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