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Olivier Pouchelon


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Like many young boys, Daniel Sissou has a passion for soccer. He just loves the game! But Daniel Sissou has a big secret: his favorite soccer ball is not really a ball, but Erico Platana, the world’s best soccer player who was transformed into a ball by a crazy sorcerer. There’s only one way to go back to his human form, and that is to help young Daniel become a champion. Will Erico be able to let Daniel have the spotlight?

Who are the main characters of Coach Me If You Can?

Erico Platana: The world's greatest soccer player who is turned into a football by a sorcerer.
Daniel Sissou: A little boy who Erico must help hone his soccer skills.
Sorcerer: The sorcerer who turns Erico into a football.
Football: The football Daniel is playing with, but who is in fact Erico Platana. In order to change back, he must help Daniel become a soccer champion.
Referee: He is very strict constantly nags Daniel.
Maple: A girl who likes to play soccer.
Maya: Another girl on Daniel's team.
Coach: Daniel's coach who tries to teach him the correct rules of soccer.

Production studio: Xilam

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