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Country of origin

United Kingdom

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CBeebies (BBC)



“Colourblocks” is an animated series produced by the BBC’s children’s network CBeebies in 2022. Just like their previous educational show Numberblocks and Alphablocks, this series promises memorable characters, great singalong songs and brilliant content, but this one is all about colour.

As well as offering an essential understanding of how colour works, the show opens a door to imagination and creativity as well as an introduction to art. The different Colourblocks take children on a wonder-filled journey that’s sure to delight children everywhere. Colourblocks uses the proven magic of blocks in the shape of a triangle, a teardrop, a circle, a gumdrop, a square, and a trapezium to help young children dive into the wondrous world of colour. Developed in consultation with a global team of leading colour experts and child development experts, and packed with loveable and memorable characters, show-stopping songs, a touch of
humour and adventure, the show delivers colour recognition, colour names, meaning and signifiers, mixing, mark making, similar and contrasting colours, light and dark and all kinds of patterns and more.

The 17 Colourblocks discover that by working together, they can add colour to Colourland and create new colours. Each Colourblock has the ability to colour objects by touch of their finger. It’s all designed to inspire young children to be colour explorers, discovering how the colours all around them work, and getting hands on with colour themselves to start creating.

Who are the main characters of Colourblocks?

Red: one of the primary colours, a red triangle.
Blue: one of the primary colours, a blue square.
Yellow: one of the primary colours, a yellow circle.
Orange: a secondary colour, an orange droplet.
Green: a secondary colour, a green Colourblock resembling an ice lolly.
Purple: a secondary colour, a purple parallellogram.
Cyan: a tertiary colour, a cyan cube.
Pink: a tertiary colour, a pink sector.
Brown: a tertiary colour, a brown drop-shaped Colourblock.
Indigo: a tertiary colour, an indigo cube.
Magenta: a tertiary colour, a magenta triangle.

Production studio: Blue Zoo Animation Studio

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