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FX Entertainment Co Ltd.


CoNaBLUE is a CG-animated series with an emphasis on exploring, learning about, and protecting nature. It follows the adventures of five very different little sea creatures who explore the natural world together and work in harmony to save the environment. When animals are in trouble their individual vehicles combine to form TeamBot, a formidable creature saving machine.

Young viewers are taken along on their adventures, introducing audiences to diverse ecosystems around the world with a blend of science concepts and stories designed to develop children’s emotional intelligence.

Who are the main characters of CoNaBlue?

Columbus: he's the leader of the team. He wears a captain's hat, yellow headphones and blue protective glasses.
Barry: a yellow dragon-like creature who loves playing his guitar.
Edison: a very smart turtle.
Luban: a purple crab-like creature. He's very handy.
Naya / Nightingale: a squid-like creature, the only girl in the group. She's very good at taking care of others.

Production studio: FZ Entertainment

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