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All you need to know about

Cosmic Quantum Ray

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Country of origin

Germany and France

Creation year



Mani Bhaumik



Robbie Shipton is a young boy who gains access to the ninth dimension through a shoe box. There he befriends Quantum Ray, who will help him take on bad guys like Doctor Brainhead or Mother.

Who are the main characters of Cosmic Quantum Ray?

Robbie Shipton: A seemingly normal teenager who is actually Earth's representative to Team Quantum.
Team Quantum: A team of elite, eccentric intergalactic heroes who constantly save the Universe.
Quantum Ray: The leader of Team Quantum, who teams up with Robbie.
Bucketworth: A distinguished robot, dressed as a butler, who wears a monocle. He's a member of Team Quantum.
Atee and Geecey: Two green extra-terrestrials and members of Team Quantum.
Professor Evil Brainhead: The biggest villain in the universe.
Mother: Professor Brainhead's mother-figure hamster.

Production studio: Splash Entertainment and Method Animation

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Cosmic Quantum Ray Theme Song

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