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Counterfeit Cat

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Country of origin

Great-Britain and Canada

Creation year



Andrew Lavery

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Gark the alien crashed his spaceship on Earth and landed in the laundry room of Betty, the owner of lazy housecat Max. Gark has disguised himself as a purple knitted cat and believes Max is a brave tiger. They become best friends and often find themselves in bizarre situations, due to Gark’s special powers.

Who are the main characters of Counterfeit Cat?

Max: An egotistical, old housecat who lives with Betty.
Gark: A friendly and helpful alien who crash-landed on Earth and befriends Max.
Betty: Max's owner, an kind old woman, in whose laundry room Gark crash landed.
Throckmorton: He is the artificial intelligence on Gark's spaceship, and acts like his father.
Staring Dog: A grey-brown dog who keeps on staring at Max with his big eyes. This really scares Max.
Ranceford: She is Max's crush, but she doesn't reciprocate his feelings, preferring Gark. Ranceford is the leader of The Sunshine Circle of Cats, but won't accept Max.
The Kid: Nelson's best friend, a squirrel who lives in a park.
The Squirrels: Three squirrels who live next to Betty's building.
Nelson: A dumb, fat pigeon who is The Kid's best friend.
Cutter: A teal cat with yellow eyes and purple hair.

Production studio: Halcyon Studios

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