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Country of origin

United States and Canada

Creation year



Angela Santomero



Arty is a young alien boy who zooms through Creative Galaxy aboard his rocket ship, named Creative Spark. Confronted with a problem, Arty visits all corners of space to collects ideas and transforms them into a final art project that will solve it. He is accompanied by his sidekick Epiphany, who has the magic ability to transform into different things.

Who are the main characters of Creative Galaxy?

Arty: The main character, he is a young boy alien who explores the Creative Galaxy on board his Creative Spark rocket ship.
Epiphany: Arty's alien friend, she is a source of inspiration and creativity for him. She can magically transform things.
Arty's Mom: A loving and supportive mother, she encourages Arty's creativity.
Arty's Dad: A supportive father, he encourages Arty's creativity.
Annie: She is a friendly and happy girl alien who's a very good friends with Arty.
Juju: She's another one of Arty's alien friends. She likes to take pictures with her camera.
Jackson: An alien friend of Arty. He loves to have fun.
Pablo: He's the painting teacher on Painting Planet.
Builder Ben and Builder Betty: These two builders live on Building Planet.
Galleria: She is the curator of Museum Planet.

Production studio: Brown Bag Films

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