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Crime Time

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Country of origin

United Kingdom and India

Creation year



Santosh Sawant and Jay Zaveri



Shifty must be the most unsuccessful criminal of all times. He has the most brilliant ideas to commit the most hideous crimes, but unfortunately he never actually gets to pull them off. There is always some unforeseeable circumstance that keeps Shifty from realizing his plans. The Fat Cop and The Skinny Cop are always on his heels and never let him get very far. Crime Time is a series of animated shorts, with episodes between 90 to 180 seconds.

Who are the main characters of Crime Time?

Shifty: A criminal who never quite pulls off his crimes.
The Fat Cop: An obese police officer who often catches Shifty. He works with The Skinny Cop.
The Skinny Cop: A very thin police officer who partners up with The Fat Cop.
Female Robber: Shifty's one time girlfriend.

Production studio: Future Thought Productions

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