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Colm Tobin & Aidan O’Donovan (Turnip and Duck)


The series was designed to be like a classic sketch show featuring 6 animal ‘families’ – Foxes, Badgers, Squirrels, Ticks, Hedgehogs and Owls. Their individual “sets” are their unique living rooms. And each day, as they tune into their favourite live action TV series (Critters tv), the audience gets to watch them in their natural habitats…. The audience learns both real life facts about animals in the world, and learn more about our fictitious adorable critters families.

The key to this series is to balance education, comedy, entertainment that spans from young to old, so the whole family can join in. It is made in Ireland, with Irish talent, featuring Irish animals, so every day Irish culture is embraced in the voice cast, the dialogue and the relatability to modern life in Ireland.

Who are the main characters of Critters TV?

Tiny Owl: he's a very curious little owl, who wants to know more about other animals.
Mammy and Daddy Owl: they are Tiny Owl's parents.
Franky Fox: he is Fabriana's husband and Fiona's father.
Grandad Badger: he is Binah's grandfather.
Fleabag: a green flea.
Plop: a pink bug.
Fabriana Fox: she is Franky's wife and Fiona's mother.
Bina: a lovely badger girl. She wears a yellow bow on her head.
Fiona Fox: she is the daughter of Franky and Fabriana.

Production studio: Daily Madness Productions

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