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Curious George

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Margret Rey, H. A. Rey and Alan J. Shalleck



Curious George is a little orphaned brown monkey who lives in the african jungle. One day, he is spotted by a man in a large yellow straw hat, who decides to take the monkey home with him to America. He puts his big hat on the ground, hides behind a tree and waits for the monkey to come down. George is so curious that he gets into the hat, and the man is able to capture him. From then on, George constantly gets into trouble, and he even ends up in jail for calling 911 for no reason !

Who are the main characters of Curious George?

Ted / The Man with the Yellow Hat: a tour guide at the Bloomsberry Museum who befriends a curious monkey named George.
George: a curious tailless monkey who follows Ted around on adventures.
Maggie Dunlop: an elementary school teacher who helps Ted understand what is important in life.
Junior: the son of the museum's owner who is initially antagonistic to Ted.
Clovis: an inventor who builds robotic animals.
Ms. Plushbottom: Ted's wealthy neighbor and opera singer whose apartment gets vandalized by George.
Mr. Bloomsberry: the owner of the Bloomsberry Museum.
Ivan: the doorman of Ted's apartment building.
The Man with the Yellow Hat: Ted's alter ego who is also known as "The Man".
Miss Plushbottom: Ms. Plushbottom's cat.

Production studio: Copernicus Animation Studios

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