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United States of America

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Tad Stones

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Darkwing Duck is a superhero who is aided by his sidekick and pilot Launchpad McQuack, known from the DuckTales series. In his secret identity of Drake Mallard, he lives in an inconspicuous suburban house with his adopted daughter Gosalyn, next door to the bafflingly dim-witted Muddlefoots. Darkwing Duck has great difficulty to find the balance between his egotistical craving for fame and attention against his desire to be a good father to his daughter and help do good in his community. Most episodes show this internal conflict, but fortunately Darkwing’s better nature usually prevails.

Who are the main characters of Darkwing Duck?

Darkwing Duck: The main protagonist of the show, he is a crime-fighting duck who is egotistical and always looking for the spotlight.
Launchpad McQuack: Darkwing's sidekick, he is a loyal and reliable friend.
Gosalyn Mallard: Darkwing's adopted daughter, she is a feisty and independent young girl.
Honker Muddlefoot: Gosalyn's best friend, he is a timid and gentle boy.
Taurus Bulba: Darkwing's arch-nemesis, he is a evil genius who is always plotting to take over the world.
Steelbeak: Taurus Bulba's henchman, he is a ruthless and feared enforcer.
Gizmoduck: Darkwing's partner in crime-fighting, he is a brilliant scientist with a heart of gold.
Morgana Macawber: Darkwing's love interest, she is a beautiful and mysterious sorceress.
Negaduck: Darkwing's evil counterpart, he is everything that Darkwing is, but with a wicked twist.
Quackerjack: A maniacal toy maker who is one of Darkwing's most frequent foes.
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