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Dave the Barbarian

Dave the Barbarian

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Doug Langdale



16-year-old Dave is a Barbarian and the strongest of three siblings. who needs to protect the land of Udrogoth while his parents are away to fight evil on the other side of the world. Although Candy is supposed to be in charge of the kingdom, she is far too self-centered to lift a sword to fight off the villainous Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy. Dave’s youngest sister Fang might be very young, but she’s quite feisty and would like to take over from her sister! The children are assisted by their wizard uncle Oswidge, who turns out to be incompetent…

Who are the main characters of Dave the Barbarian?

Dave the Barbarian:
He's a strong, muscular 16-year-old barbarian war-prince who is supposed to defend the kingdom of Udrogoth while his parents are away fighting evil. Unfortunately, he's afraid of everything and prefers to cook and knit.
Candy the Barbarian:
She's Dave's older sister, who is left in charge of the kingdom in her parents' absence. She's a great martial arts fighter, but she's very selfish.
Fang the Barbarian:
She is Dave's and Candy's younger sister. She is very uncivilized, aggressive and mischievous.
Oswidge the Barbarian:
He's the children's uncle, a clumsy wizard, because he never really attented classes at sorcery school.
Faffy the Barbarian:
The Barbarian's pet dragon.
Lula the Barbarian:
She is Dave's magic sword, who can shoot lightning from the top of her blade.
King Throktar and Queen Glimia:
The childrens' parents, who are travelling the world to fight evil. They communicate to the children through Oswidge's crystal ball or his magic cauldron.
Mrs. Gert Bogmelon:
A shopkeeper who loves money
Dinky and Cheezette:
Candy's best friends, who are obsessed by clothes and fashion.
Twinkle the Marvel Horse:
A magical pony, who is depressed and suffers from psychosis. He can fly, but has no wings.

Production studio: Wang Film Productions (Brilliant Pictures Group)

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