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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio and Sergio Pablos for Illumination Entertainment


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In this 3D animation movie we follow the story Gru, a supervillain who adopts three girls from an orphanage. When Gru finds out that his rival villain Vector stole the Great Pyramid of Giza, he is furious and plans to shrink and steal the Moon with the help of his hilarious Minions ! The girls seem to have a positive influence on Gru, and despite his wicked intentions, he softens up and becomes a better person.

Who are the main characters of Despicable Me?

Gru: A former super-villain, he is now a single father trying to raise his three adopted daughters.
Margo: The eldest of Gru's three daughters, she is independent and level-headed.
Edith: The middle child of Gru's three daughters, she is mischievous and playful.
Agnes: The youngest of Gru's three daughters, she is sweet and naïve.
Dr. Nefario: Gru's former right-hand man, he is a mad scientist with a love of all things dangerous.
Lucy Wilde: A beautiful and tough secret agent, she is tasked with keeping an eye on Gru.
Vector: A former super-villain and Gru's arch-nemesis, he is now a pathetic shell of his former self.
The Minions: Gru's loyal and lovable henchmen, they are small, yellow, and often bumbling.
The Fluffy Unicorns: Agnes's imaginary friends, they are small, rainbow-colored, and very fluffy.
The Anti-Villain League: A secret organization dedicated to stopping super-villains, they are the ones who recruited Lucy to keep an eye on Gru.
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