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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Rick Suvalle



The series follows a trio of tiny fairies called “Dew Drops” – Eden, Athena, and Phoebe. They are about three inches tall and secretly look after human families, helping kids with small tasks and challenges in their daily lives.
Each Dew Drop has a unique magical ability or “fairy-bility”. For example, Eden can communicate with animals (“Critter Chat”), while Athena is an energetic dancer. In season 2, they become “Floaters” and gain the power of limited flight, graduating from just fluttering their wings.
The Dew Drops go on adventures using creative solutions with household objects at a miniature scale. Though unseen by the human kids, the kids sense the Dew Drops’ presence and show gratitude. A recurring theme is appreciating life’s little victories through “diary moments” where the fairies record memories and mementos.
The show aims to celebrate teamwork, resourcefulness, and gratitude in a way that resonates with its preschool audience. It has developed a following, with fans building tiny fairy houses hoping to attract Dew Drops.

Who are the main characters of Dew Drop Diaries?

Eden: one of the three inch-tall fairy protagonists. She has the ability to communicate with animals ("Critter Chat"). She has pink skin and purple hair.
Athena: another of the three main Dew Drop fairies. She is an energetic dancer and a very good singer. She has blue skin and rainbow colored hair.
Phoebe: the third Dew Drop fairy protagonist. She has dark pink skin, purple hair, and she wears orange and red clothes. She is super strong.

Production studio: TeamTo

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