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Country of origin

Australia and Canada

Creation year



Matthew Fernandes


In a distant future, around the year 3000, Dex Hamilton, a young alien entomologist is contacted by the Mayor of Metropolis to capture alien insects that are crawling through the galaxy. Together with his teammates Zap Monogan, Jenny 10 and Tung the frog boy, Dex runs The Habitat, a place where a large variety of insects are kept to be studied.

Who are the main characters of Dex Hamilton Alien Entomologist?

Dex Hamilton: The titular protagonist. Dex is an intelligent alien entomologist with a great love for insects. He runs The Habitat, where he and the others maintain a large variety of different habitats in which they can observe insects they've captured for study.
Zap Monogan: A human/insect hybrid found by Dex a few months before the series. He has a very laid-back attitude which can sometimes get on the others' nerves, but in a dire situation he'll always drop the act. He's the strongest in the group, and can grow insect wings that allow him to fly. He's also the group's pilot.
Jenny 10: Created as part of the 'Jenny Project', Jenny 10 now works as Dex's mechanic at The Habitat. She maintains the insect's habitats and builds the weapons used by the team to capture new bugs. She's always known that she was part of the 'Jenny Project', but she only told the others when Jenny 8 showed up.
Tung: A human/frog hybrid from another planet. Tung tends to have disgusting hygiene habits and strange taste in food. He can jump long distances and scale walls with little effort, and also has a long tongue, hence the nickname. He sometimes gets in trouble for eating the insects captured on a mission.
The Habitat: The Habitat is a large technological complex that houses all of Dex's insects. It was funded by the Mayor of Metropolis. The Habitat is composed of a matrix of special holding cells that simulate the insect's natural environment.

Production studio: SLR Productions

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