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Dexter’s Laboratory

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Genndy Tartakovsky


The main character of the series is Dexter a boy-genius with thick glasses, who hides a secret laboratory behind a bookcase in his bedroom. This lab is filled with Dexter’s inventions and can only be accessed with passwords or by activating hidden switches on Dexter’s bookshelf. Although Dexter is very intelligent, he often fails his plans because of overexcitement or bad choices.
Dexter manages to keep his lab a secret from his parents, but unfortunately not from his hyperactive older sister Dee Dee. Dee Dee finds ways to brake into the laboratory and often plays with Dexter’s inventions in a careless way.
Dexter’s nemesis is another boy-genius from his school, nicknamed Mandark. He also possesses his own laboratory, but his schemes are evil and are designed to gain power or destroy Dexter’s inventions, who are better than his. Mandark tries to compensate his failures by stealing Dexter’s plans. Mandark is in love with Dexter’s sister Dee Dee.

Who are the main characters of Dexter's Laboratory?

Dexter: A boy genius who is the main character of the show, he is smart and resourceful, but also clumsy and forgetful.
Dee Dee: Dexter's older sister, she is playful and mischievous, and often disrupts Dexter's experiments.
Mom: Dexter and Dee Dee's mother, she is loving and supportive, but also overbearing and meddling.
Dad: Dexter and Dee Dee's father, he loves golf, fishing and bowling.
Mandark: Dexter's main rival, he is smart and cunning, but also evil and devious.
Monkey: Dexter's pet monkey. He's got superpowers and secretly works for Global Security.
Major Glory: A superhero who is one of Dexter's idols, he is brave and powerful, but also arrogant and reckless.
Valhallen: A rockstar who is one of Dexter's idols, he is cool and talented, but also lazy and irresponsible.
Lee Lee and Mee Mee: Two of Dexter's best friends. They often create complete chaos in the lab.
Koosalagoopagoop: This is Dee Dee's imaginary friend, a dragon-like creature, also known as Koosy or Koos.

Production studio: Cartoon Network Studios

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