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Sally Hunter


Digby the dragon lives in the magical land of Applecross Wood with a group of friends. There’s the pink fairy Fizzy Izzy, a red squirrel obsessed with nuts, an owl, a badger and a variety of magical trolls.

Who are the main characters of Digby Dragon?

Digby: The titular character, he is a young dragon who is curious and adventurous. He's still a fledgling, who can't fly yet.
Fizzy Izzy: A young fairy who is Digby's best friend. She is kind and helpful.
Cheeky Chips: A red squirrel who's obsessed with finding nuts.
Grumpy Goblin: An engineer and inventor, who's got a very bad temper. He has three pet snails and a train.
Grizel: A little blue mischievous elf.
Archie: The local delivery girl, a little grey mouse.
Mungo: Grizel's sidekick, a clumsy and forgetful owl.
Albert: An old badger who owns the Applecross grocery store.
Spellbook: A bossy magical book.
Sprite: A ball of golden sparkles that loves to have fun.

Production studio: Blue Zoo Animation Studio

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