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Doug Macleod, Colin South and John Tatoulis


After thousands of years of mismanagement, the Earth has become completely inhabitable. Humans are forced to leave and move to a new home, the planet New Earth. Unfortunately, the space ship containing all the world’s dogs goes missing in space on its way over. On New Earth, evil Bob Santino starts selling Robogs, robotic dogs to replace the real pets, making a fortune off sad children who miss their real dog. The Clark kids decide to go on a journey through space to find the lost ark and their own pet dog Hobart.

Who are the main characters of Dogstar?

Glenn Clark: The eldest of the Clark children.
Simone Clark: Glenn and Lincoln's sister.
Lincoln Clark: The youngest of the Clark children.
Zeke and Alice: A friend of the Clark's, who joins them on their quest for the dogs ark.
President Pemberton: The president of the dogs.
Gran Clark: The Clark children's grandmother.
Bob Santino: An evil businessman who creates robotic dogs.
Fred: A shapeshifting creature, whose natural form is a green alien.
Boombah: A pink pet cat.
Hobart: The Clark's pet dog.

Production studio: 12field

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