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Dorg Van Dango

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Country of origin

Canada and Ireland

Creation year



Fabian Erlinghäuser and Nora Twomey


Dorg Van Dango is a normal 13-year-old boy who lives a fairly normal life in the town of Normill. At least, until he meets the Magicals: Jet Lazor, a unicorn, Patronella, a witch, RD, an alien and Yooki, a ghost. All these creatures have escaped from Area 52 and need help and refuge from humans without being seen! In order to make them blend in as much as possible, Dorg disguises his new found friends as teenagers and houses them in the basement of the town’s shopping mall. All of a sudden, Dorg’s normal life is completely turned upside down!

Who are the main characters of Dorg Van Dango?

Dorg Van Dango: A normal kid, living in the very normal town of Normill, until he meets The Magicals.
Jet Lazor: A super-cool unicorn who befriends Dorg.
Patronella: An ancient witch who befriends Dorg.
RD: A curious alien who befriends Dorg.
Yooki: An eerie ghost who befriends Dorg.
Mr. Munch: Dorg's teacher at school.
Fretta Van Dango: Dorg's mother.
Voulez Van Dango: Dorg's father.
Smarmin Smarts: A rival of Dorg's at school.
Bertram Bumberback: A bully who picks on Dorg.

Production studio: Cartoon Saloon

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Dorg Van Dango Theme Song

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