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Dr. Dimensionpants

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Kyle Lipton was living the normal life of a 12-year-old until one day, a portal opened and dropped a pair of “Dimensionpants”, also known as “Pants of Power” or “Power Pants”. These powerful pieces of clothing, like pants, socks and summer dress, are all made in the Unicrone dimension. As soon as Kyle puts on the pants, he becomes a superhero called Dr. Dimensionpants. But as with all great power comes great responsibility. Kyle now has to learn to use his new found powers to save the dimensions. Fortunately, the unicorn Philiponius Chickpea is there to guide Kyle and restrict his powers if needed.

Who are the main characters of Dr. Dimensionpants?

Dr. Dimensionpants: A superhero who comes from a dimension where everyone has superpowers. He is brave and heroic. He is the alter ego of Kyle Bradley Lipton.
Kyle Bradley Lipton: A 12-year-old boy, who can pass through a portal, put on a pair of "Dimensionpants" and become a superhero.
Philiponius Chickpea: He's Kyle's unicorn mentor. He has already taught 37 other people who became Dr. Dimensionpants before Kyle.
Amanda Lipton: Kyle's younger sister. She is a genius and a blogger.
Dunley and Ann-Mary Lipton: Kyle's parents.
Liz Business: A girl who has a crush on Kyle. She has a scar across her face and does bodybuilding.
Rebecca Stella: A popular blonde girl. She turns out to be the daughter of Glass Skull, one of Dr. Dimensionpants enemies.
Mr. Silverstein: Kyle's teacher.
Dutch: The school bully.
The Cortex: Also Kyle's nemesis. He tries to steal the Dimensionpants to become an all-powerful being.

Production studio: Top Draw

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Dr. Dimensionpants Theme Song

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