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Cyber Group Studios


Welcome to the world of Terraqua, a place covered almost entirely by water. The eco-technology genius Wyatt Whale has organized the Whale Cup, a high-profile drones’ race competition. The winner of this competition will become his future apprentice in the fight to find a solution to the rising water level that threatens the only 5% of land left on the planet. Follow the adventures of top drone pilots as they explore new technology and shape the future of drones.

Who are the main characters of Droners?

Corto Heilani: This confident 13-year-old girl is the pilot for Team Tiki. She is very talented.

Mouse Anemone Jacintha Ruto: She is the mechanic of Team Tiki. She is 10 years old.

Enki: He is the 13-year-old engineer of Team Tiki.
Oro: He is the G.E.N.I.E. for the Tikis. A G.E.N.I.E. is used to power drones.
Whyatt Whale: He is the founder and owner of WhaleCorp, a company that creates drones. He organises the Whale Cup.
Shark: He is the pilot of the Pirates, another competing team in the Whale Cup.
Max: He is another member of the Pirates.
Ed: He is the mechanic of the Pirates.
Deejay: He is the 17-year-old pilot of Team Starfish.
Debbie: She is the mechanic of Team Starfish.

Production studio: La Chouette Compagnie

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