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Evil Con Carne

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Maxwell Atoms



No luck for Hector Con Carne! The wealthy crime lord and evil genius gets blown into pieces in an explosion, organised by his archenemy, Cod Commando. Only his brain and his stomach have been recovered so far, the rest of his body parts being scattered around the globe. Thanks to the efforts of scientist Major Dr. Ghastly, the brain and the stomach live on in a circus bear called Boskov, giving Hector control over the majority of the bears actions. Now that he has a body once again, Hector will stop at nothing to get world domination!

Who are the main characters of Evil Con Carne?

Hector Con Carne: The main character of the show. A jillionaire playboy who was blown up in a traumatic explosion and had his brain attached to the body of a stupid circus bear.
Major Dr. Ghastly: Hector's right-hand woman and scientist. She is in love with Hector and is always trying to find new ways to help him take over the world.
General Skarr: A grouchy army official who is often annoyed by Hector's antics.
Boskov: A stupid bear who is Hector's body.
Cod Commando: A member of Hector's army.
Estroy: A member of Hector's army.
Abraham Lincoln: A time-traveling Abraham Lincoln who is often annoyed by Hector's antics.
Tony: A member of Hector's army.
Cabana Boy: A member of Hector's army.
Buster: A member of Hector's army.

Production studio: Cartoon Network Studios

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